Chief Information Officer

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Strategic advice, or hands-on operational management - or both? Benefit from my experience and expertise, as well as from a wider professional network…

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Examples of successful delivery for a range of clients…

I offer a flexible range of solutions to meet your business information management needs…

I deliver a choice of tailored offerings, to suit a variety of requirements.

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Talking about my earlier role as CIO of the City London and CIO experience to FutureGov, Singapore.

“Change is Constant”

         Heraclitus -  535 - 475 BCE

I am an independent CIO, Program Director and trusted Board-level Advisor.  I guide and deliver transformational change for complex, global organisations, in Private and Public sectors.

 I deliver an objective, discreet approach to troubleshooting major business transformation IT challenges.  Deep and extensive experience ensure a “safe pair of hands” in times of need.