Chief Information Officer

Case Studies

“Coming together is a beginning;

               keeping together is progress;

                             working together is success”

                  Henry Ford

Across my career I have had the fortune to work with many exceptional staff and external engagements in both the private and public sectors.

Retailing and Manufacturing conglomerate

A multi-billion dollar global conglomerate based in the Arabian Gulf, covered a variety of sectors from manufacturing, through retail, to automotive sales and insurance, employing 14,000 people across 40 countries.  The business, undergoing rapid expansion in Asia, lacked systems for manufacturing for its Gulf and South-east Asian operations.  Retail systems were struggling when opening new showrooms, while contingency planning was poor. Within 3 months had turned around failing IT department to focus on customer delivery and support multiple business units across the Middle East, Far East, India and Africa. Delivered rapid cost effective global SAP systems for retail, industrial and manufacturing businesses in Asia and the Middle East.

Utility company

First over-all Group IS Director (IT Spend £450m), responsible to plc Board, directed successfully all IS aspects of clean de-merger into 2 major international companies.  

Successfully outsourced all Operational Systems (£50m in 18 months) while delivering new Business Unit Operational and Group Infrastructure Systems – including Indian development.

Created and ran Group and International Business Information Services, initiated and led Business Culture Change Initiative to Knowledge Sharing Culture.

Health - UK

A Government agency required a total re-procurement of their ICT Infrastructure and services. Initiated and led the IT division’s restructuring to manage SIAM (Service Integration and Management) strategy.  Supported and advised Agency Executive in hiring a permanent CIO.

Health - International

Set up the new National Health Insurance IT systems and Program for a Government initiative to extend universal Health Insurance to all.  This entailed working in close cooperation with the Third Party Administrator and key Government Departments to secure Identity Management. Developed and managed the internal IT systems and managed Third Party Administrator IT system engagement, ensuring a solid foundation for a series of permanent hires into the new company.

International Defence company

As new overall Group IT Director, downsized and refocused the fragmented IT Function after major merger. Created Business Focused Information Management Strategy to merge fragmented divisions.

Reduced IT Budget from £220m to £100m with full involvement of 12 independent Business Units.  Helped to negotiate and install new Outsourcing Contract with System Integrator, ensuring enhanced co-operation and control.

Photo: CIO Insight China

UK  Central Government

Established “Mission Critical”, Multi-Agency, Cross Government Child Index Program and Team (300,000 Users).  Obtained Cabinet Ministerial Approval for Full Program (£450m over 10 years) following successful Gateway Reviews and Persuasive Business Case and Outline Implementation and Procurement Plan.   Delivered Government first multiple Unique Identifier Ministerial Agreements.

Full Security Cleared Cabinet Office Mission-Critical, High-Risk Gateway Review Team Leader.  Performed several Gateway Reviews of High-Profile, Mission-Critical, High-Risk UK Government Programs and Projects.

Senior Commercial Advisor and Consultant carried out intervention in Sensitive Programs and Projects at Risk.

Further delivery examples …

Capital City Transport Infrastructure…

In new overarching CIO role merged IM Function across highly fragmented business units.   Initiated Business focused Information Management Strategy and Organisation across BUs.

Initiated and Delivered to budget and time successful (£70m Benefits), £50m “Business Improvement Program” – pervasive  SAP BPR /ERP project to merge BU processes and systems.  Rationalised major IT Outsourcing Contracts.  

Implemented successful Customer “Journey Planner” web site (>1m hits pd)– with Mobile Phone, SMS, PDA apps.   Oversaw IT for Congestion Charging and Smart Card Programs.

UK Local Government

Led comprehensive and far reaching IT enabled Business Transformation Program, changed Ways of Working, involving Flexible Working, Intranet, Website, EDRMS, Collaboration, Performance Management, using Microsoft's new platform, SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, OCS, Windows 7, CRM 5.

Restructured IT organisation, including 20% Cost Reduction, Centralisation, Flexible sourcing, Cloud Computing and Shared Services across London and beyond.