Chief Information Officer


When encountering a fresh situation - regardless of the complexity - I find that the simple, logical approach works best. I call it WHaDR’:What; How; Do and Run.

What’ :




Have you a need for a short or long term injection of expertise, guidance and support?  I offer a range of solutions that can be as advisory or hands-on as you need, at any stage of the lifecycle. Whether consultancy, and/or mentoring through to Interim Executive Management.

A health Check of your IT Systems will indicate any areas which may need resolving, and determine the business requirements and method of delivery. I can provide one to one mentoring, or group workshops. Either short-term consultancy or more in-depth interim executive management.


Core Capabilities offered:

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

                 Walt Disney

Consultancy; advice; support; leadership and direction?

Client needs vary; it’s not always a case of engaging either temporary consultants or ‘hand-on’ longer-term Interim Executives.

I can deliver the benefits of both Consultancy and Interim Executive solutions - as well as the advice and support to recruit permanent senior IT executives.

“Has your business the IT it needs?”

Leadership and Governance - Create and establish CIO, Business Change and Information Leadership roles; successfully delivered for many large, leading complex global organisations.

Influence - Board-level advice to major company Chairs and Boards; Cabinet Ministers; Senior Civil Servants; Non-Executive Directors.

Strategy - Create and implement business-focused global strategies, organisations and infrastructures.

Transformation and Change - In-depth experience of initiating, directing and managing far-ranging, significant transformational change; acquisitions, mergers and de-mergers; outsourcing; downsizing. Change ways of working: flexible working, collaboration, performance management.

Supplier Management, Outsourcing  and Off-shoring - Initiate, plan, sell and deliver multi-million dollar BPO and IT outsourcing, both in UK and offshore.

Program and Project - Deliver Complex Global IT and ERP Business Transformation Systems to time and budget, including Public Sector, Mission-Critical, High-Risk Programs.

People, Teams and Knowledge - Form high achieving teams. Advise on the right skills, and how to optimise your Organisation’s Knowledge Asset.

Technical - Fellow of British Computer Society (FBCS); Knowledge and Information Management, comprehensive IT Systems Management, Strategy and operations; VOIP, Unified Communications.

Negotiation - From ground-breaking Sharing Agreements (unique ID)  between major Government Departments for both the UK and other governments; to acquiring and selling companies globally, and negotiation of multi-billion $ deals.

Communication - Chair and keynote speaker for C-level Global Conferences.

Commercial Dispute Resolution - Qualified Alternative Dispute Resolver with Gray’s Inn Academy of Experts, Mediation, Litigation Prevention and Expert Witness.

Gateway Review - Lead successful Mission-Critical High-Risk programme Gateway Reviews across the public sector.